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    Don't Just Stop at Playing Music, Soul Cream "Raises" Yourself by Working With Art Activities. Recently, DJ Creamy Attention When Joining In The Long Legged Movie Will Come On At Lunar New Year. Known, The Movie Has The Participation Of The Names Of Old Artists: Artists Justice, DJ Linh Kem, Linh Miu ... Especially The "Star" Has Made The Success Of The Judge Movie Nhu Thanh Huong, Duy Hung, Anh Duc.


Reportedly, DJ Linh Kem has just "caused a fever" when participating in the movie "Long Legs" will be released on the occasion of the Lunar New Year with the stars' super big

Owning a beautiful body every centimeter with 3-round measurements "no need to adjust", the girl DJ 9X Ha Thanh named Linh Kem is the focus of attention of the online community in recent times.

Not only stop at playing music, Linh Kem also "elevates" himself by working hard in art activities. Recently, DJ Linh Kem caught the attention when participating in the movie The Long Legs will be released on Lunar New Year. Reportedly, the film has the participation of famous artists such as artists Cong Ly, DJ Linh Kem, Linh Miu ... Especially the "staging" has made the success of the film The Judge like Thanh Huong, Duy Hung, Anh Duc.

The film revolves around the lives of three girls: My (played by DJ Linh Kem), Mai (hot girl Linh Miu) and Suong (singer Ngo Thuy Tien) with changes in life.

Because she wanted to find her husband who changed her life, 3 girls followed the class of her husband, Dai Ky Duyen (artist Van Anh). However, the girls encountered miserable giants, tricked, jealous ...

In the movie, DJ Linh Kem plays My role. She is a small, wealthy little girl. Her father always wanted her to get married. Being forced to watch by his father many times but not so she decided to look for a husband. After the events she has found her true enemy love, although not a giant, but always because of her, trying to make her happy.

Very long legs are a comedy but behind laughter is a wake-up call, reminding to the new girls who don't work hard, just want to be rich. The film plans to start on January 15, 2018. This is also the first drama that DJ Linh Kem starred in.

Sharing about the opportunity to join the movie, DJ Linh Kem said, “Apart from DJ's work, Linh is very passionate about acting and has tried a lot of short films. For long legs, this time is also a big chance and a good luck with Linh. Linh would like to send sincere thanks to the producer Hang Ly for trusting and giving Linh this role. At the same time, Linh also thanked ekip Long legs with great support and support for Linh's role. Hope the movie will be well received by the audience and especially Linh's role will be loved by many people. ”


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